About us

We have been providing our services since 2005, and our office is currently located at Kathmandu, Nepal. We have been blending the capabilities of our professional team to combine the techniques of graphic designing, dynamic programming, server management and efficient marketing approaches.

Qualified And Competent Professionals
Our programmers are software engineers (university level) with at least three years experience and good English skills. As we pay more than other companies, we can pick only the best engineers on the market. This is our standard policy because a relatively small difference in wage means a big difference in dedication, quality, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Suitable Work Environment
Since our office is located at a peaceful area, and has sufficient infrastructur, we have the best web development environment compared to other offices.

Quality Project Management
MBA, project management experiences, programming experiences

Quality Software Development
It´s not only the output that we deliver, but also the quality factor.

Project Size
We have experiences not only working in small open source customizable applications, but also the huge sized project which require more than years.

Timely Delivery of Projects
We have never delayed the delivery of the projects to the clients

High traffic Web sites
Our team is experienced in building in high traffic websites, which may have simultaneous users of more than millions. We can manage servers to that level.

Our team has fluent written and spoken English and hence communication with clients is easy.